Since the early 1980s, Ticino has transformed from a tradition of simple tailoring to the operational hub of some of the world’s most powerful and dynamic fashion brands. Today it is home to hundreds of fashion houses, who have located their most crucial business operations in the Canton.

What's behind this magnetic attraction? Aside from the famed political stability and competitive tax system that all of Switzerland offers, Ticino has a strategic prominence which is second to none.

Midway between the world’s fashion capital in Milan and the digital powerhouse of northerly Zurich, teeming with developers, creatives and fashion veterans, Ticino also offers unparalleled access to the renowned logistics centers of Chiasso, essential for worldwide secure deliveries, plus a friendly and vibrant local commercial environment. Add to that the beauty of the local scenery and quality of life among the calm lakes and scenery of the area and it is clear why Ticino is an incredible draw for the world’s top talent.